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Color Blidness

How Came the thought of Treatment Colourblindness or Colour vision in my mind?
  In 2006, when my son Gaurav had completed C.A. and he wanted to join a job, so he approached to TCS (TATA) Company and there he was called for Interview and he got selected for job. He and we all family members were happy. But in medical test color blindness was found and finally he was declared to be disqualified. He was totally disappointed. Those days I was not familiar with this particular disease, what color blind is exactly? After some times we both (I and my son) went to meet one of my friends Eye Surgen Dr. Avadh Dubey. I talked to Dr. Dubey about my son's problem. Dr. Dubey also checked his eyes and diagnosed Colour blindness. He said that there is no treatment for Colour blindness in the world. After that we met to Dr. Yuvraj Mahendra who was practice in Chief Eye Surgen in Khairabad Netra Chikitsalaya. Dr. Yuvraj also gave us same reply. My son became more dipressed after listening this. I consoled him by saying that may be this is God will. I adviced my son that he should approach such a company, where colour blind people are also accepted and he tried and got a job.

  Time passed slowly and I decided to Research on color blindness. By God grace Dr. Arun Shukla ji, Ex Captain who was the head of Law Military Academy (9935540024, 9839647098), sent a person to me, who had color blindness. During consultation I advised him to take integrated approach of treatment and he agreed for my Unique Research treatment of this problem. After some time his color blindness became normal. And latter even he was selected in military.

  Nearly 20 color blind people have taken consultation and treatment from me. Out of that 18 people have got completely cured. And 2 people have maximum benefit. I hope that they will be cured after practicing given treatment for few days. Report for 18 people who are cured, their description & Mobile No. are giving in this small book.

  I thank to Dr. Sharad Bajpai, Dr. Dilpreet Singh, Dr. Yogendra Singh Yadav and Dr. S K Sachan who all are Eye Surgens have been helping me in my Research work. I hope that apart from these people other doctors from various hospitals also will help in my work in future, so that this work will be reached upto all people.

  I Appeal gently to Government of India for Success treatment on colour blind or colour vision by us, By the Blessing of Maa Saraswati. Government Certifi our research to his confirmative institutes on Colour Blind or Colour Vision. if it's right then our research must be Spread whole world to the sad people of these ailments
How to diagnose Color blindness or Colour vision?
 Color blindness or color vision means that you have trouble seeing red, green or blue or a mix of these colors. It's rare that a person sees no color at all. You may not able to have certain careers like Navy, Railway Services, Bus Driver's and Military etc, in which you need to differentiate the colors.
In beging, being a color blind, one has no problem, later it may occur. According to survey out of 12 people 1 person is color blind. Most color vision problems are inherited (genetic) and are present at birth. People usually have three types of cone cells in eyes. Each type senses red, green or blue light. You see the color when your cone cells sense different amount of these three basic colors. Most of the cone cells are found in macula, which is the central part of the retina. a color vision problem is not always inherited, in some cases, a person can have an acquired color vision problem. This can be caused by -
  • aging
  • Eye problems, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts or diabetic retinopathy
  • Side effects of some medicines
  • Injury to the eyes
  • Wrong practice of tratak particularly Surya-tratak
What are the symptoms of Colour blindness?
The symptoms of color blindness vary -
 In this problem, you may see some colors but not others. For instance you may not able to tell the difference between red and green but can see blue and yellow. You may see many colors, so you may not know that you see colors differently from other. You may able to see few shades of colors while most people can see thousands of colors. In rare cases you may see only black, white and gray.

  You should go to your doctor for diagnose color blind. And if you are color blind, please contact to Dev Antarrashtriy Yoga Kendra Geeta Nagar, Kanpur. Color blind cureing facility is also available here. Please contact in phone before coming here.
-- It looks amazing but true --
Success Cases on Color blindness -
First Case
 My name is Prakhar Srivastav and I have compeletd my intermediate. I approached army for job where I passed physical examination but in medical check up color blindness was diagnosed. Due to color blindness I was declared to be disqualified. After some time, I went to Dr. Sharad Bajpai (ph 0512- 2540240, mob: 09839116173) and told Dr. Bajpai about my color blindness. He again checked up and diagnosed color blindness and refused to treat by saying that there is no solution for color blindness in the world. I and my parents were very disappointed. I was totally nervous because I had strong desire to join army from my childhood`. Runner of Law military academy Shukla ji told me about Dr. Omprakash 'Anand', the Chief Acharya of 'Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra' Who has treated so many color blind people . Then I met to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand' and he asked me to stay 15 days at Dev Antarrastriya Yoga Kendra for treatement and I agreed. During treatment I had kriyas like Neti, Basti, Dhauti, Steam bath, Mud bath, Magnet therapy and Reiki surgery.

  After treatment, again I met to Dr Sharad Pajpai to checkup. He checked up and said now your color blindness is normal. And later, again I approached army to get the job in Delhi and I got selected. For his wonderful treatment, always I will be grateful to Dr Omprakash 'Anand'.
Prakhar Srivastav s/o Sri Arun Kumar Srivastav
Address : 1298, Vijay nagar, Kanpur
Contact No.: 9473864708, 9839647098
Second Case & Third Case
  My name is Ashish Yadav and I am doing my BA Final. I went to join army and there I passed in physical test & written exam but in medical test color blind was diagnosed and I was declared to be disqualified. After that in Delhi I met to one of the eye surgeons for check up. After being checked up color blindness was diagnosed and doctor said that there is no treatment for color blindness in the world. And you are unfit for such careers like military, Navy or railway. Hearing this, I and my whole family was disappointed. My confidence almost went down. I lost my smile. Because I had so much interest to join army from my child hood. After sometimes my close friend Raju told me that he also had color blindness and then he approached to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand' at 'Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra' Gita nagar kanpur(ph,: 0512- 2500380,mob,: 9336115528,9336235850) and he gave me treatment, now my colo blindness is normal. After that I also went there and talked to Dr Ompraksh 'Anand'about my problem and he advised to stay at yoga Kendra for ten days. I agreed and took treatment there. Blessings of Dr Omprakash ji I got relief. Now I am ready to apply for job. I will be thankful to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand Ji'. I am thankful to Guru Maa Punam Rani who gave me the sake of humanity, I will be spreading this message to others.
Ashish Yadav s/o Sri Rajveer Singh Yadav
Address : Village. Ghutara, Dist- Mainpury,
Forth Case
 My name is Anand Prakash Pandey and I am a student of BSc (IInd year). I wanted to join Air force and Navy, but due to color blind two times from Air force and three times from Navy I was disqualified. After that I consulted so many doctors for color blindness. They said that there is no treatment at all for color blindness in the word. One day one of my friends Ravindra told me about Dr. Omprakash 'Anandji' who has treated so many cases of color blindness. After listening him, I became hopeful and went to meet Dr Omprakash 'Anand' and he adviced that it will take two months to cure color blind and I agreed. Whatever practices he gave me, I followed sincerely. I became all right. Later I met Dr. Sharad Bajpai (ph: 0512-2540240, mob - 9839116173) and he gave me clearance by saying that now you have no color blind. On 10th September I appeared again for Air force exam and I am selected in this time. And I was fit for medical. With combined effort of both Dr Omprakash 'Anand ji' and Reiki Acharya Punamrani gave me treatment and my color blind became normal. I will be grateful to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand ji'and Reiki Acharya Punamrani.
Anand Prakash Pandey S/O Sri Prem Kumar
Address : 11/525,Keshav Nagar ,Rawatpur Gaon,Kanpur Nagar Up
Contact No.: 8004415390,8858270597
Fifth Case
 My name is Navneet Singh and I have passed my B.A. I went to Bangalore to get job in CIFS. There, in medical exam color blind was diagnosed and I was disqualified from the job and I was disappointed. Then I met to Dr Dilpreet Singh (0512-2217496, 9839185165), HOD, Angel Eye Hospital in Kanpur. He checked up my eyes and told me that there is no solution for color blindness. And he advised to meet Dr. Omprakash 'Anand'form Dev Antarrashtrriya Yoga Kendra, kanpur, who has treatment for color blindness. Then I met Dr Omprakash 'Anand' and told him about my problem. He advised me that it will take two months to cure colorblindness. I was ready for that. I stayed 10 days at yoga Kendra and took treatment and my color blind became normal. Again I met Dr. Dilpreet and he checked up and told now your color blind is normal. After some time I appling for job and got selection. I am grateful to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand ji' and Guru Maa Punamrani whose grace I got red of from my problem
Navneet Singh S/O Sri Rames ji (975974126)
Address : Bahadurpur, Majhigavan, Saurikh, Kannauj
Contact No.: 8400675628
Sixth Case color blindness became normal
 My name is Rahul Yadav and I had color vision. I came to know about this problem when I tried to get job in Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and due to color blind I could not get the job. One of the test measuring books, in which I was not able to see even single color. One day I approached to Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra with my father and there I met to Dr Omprakash 'Anand'. I told him about my problem and he gave me treatment with Yogic Kriyas, Magnet Therapy, Acupressure, and Reiki surgery. Within 12 days I got approximately 70-80% relief. I was capable to see most of the colors in color vision test book. I am very grateful to Yoga Kendra and I hope further 15-20 days remaining problem also be solved.
Rahul Yadav
Address : Dhodaya, Post Bakhira Dist- Sant Kabir nagarDhodaya, Post Bakhira Dist- Sant Kabir nagar
Seventh Case Mayopia case got improved
 My name is Ishwar and I belong to Shishwala , Tahsil Hisar, dist- Hisar, Haryana. Once I went to Fatehabad to get recruitment in army and due to Mayopia, finally I was disqualified. One day one of my friends Ajay told me about Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra, Gita nagar, Kanpur, where he took treatment from Dr. Anandji and got relief form his problem. I went there and took given treatment.

  I am thankful to respected Guru Dr. Omprakash ji and Reiki Acharya Maa Punamrani in whom guidance I could become normal and got chance for job. All things which they suggested, I have been following with respect upto 10 days. And now I am able to read very small letters which are written so far. I thankful to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand ji' and Guru Maa Punamran.
Ishwar Singh Jabar S/O Sri Dayananda Jabar
Address : Shishvala,Tahsil-Hisar, Dist-Hisar,(Haryana)
Contact No. :  
Eight'th Case Color blindness became normal
 My name is Pawan Kumar and I am from Mainpuri (UP). I had desire to join army from my childhood. When I tried for army, I got selected in army. but in medical exam color blind was found and my selection was cancelled. I became disappoint for that. One day one of my friends told me about Dev Antarrastriya Yog Kendra, Gita Nagar, Kanpur, where so many people had got relief. After some times I met to Dr. Omprakash 'Anand ji' tried about my problem. After listening my problem he asked me to stay there for 10 days. And I agreed to stay there and took treatment Reiki Acharya Poonamrani gave me Reiki Surgery. Within 10 days I got so much relief in color blind. Then I have been following same schedule in my home upto 2 months as Dr. 'Anand ji' advised my color blind is completely normal. And in Army I have cleared medical exam. I am very thankful to Gurudev Dr. Omprakash 'Anand ji' and Guru Maa Poonamrani.
Pawan kumars/o sri rajbhan singh
Address : village- nasipur, Post pachver, Dist- mainpuri
Contact No. : 9761684413
Nineth Case Color blindness became normal
 My name is Vaibhav Srivastav and due to color blind my selection was cancelled from police. I was very disappointed. After some time I am told about Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra, gita nagar,Kumar,where so many people have got rid of from color blindness. Hoping that I may also get relief, I met to Dr Omprakash 'Anand' and told about my problem. And whatever he suggested,I followed honestly. Within 10 days I have got so much relief and later upto one month I kept on doing the same. Now I am completely free from color blindness. Later I got selected in job also. In present I am in job. I am very thankful to Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra, Gita nagar, Kanpur. I suggest the people who have got color blindness and due to that they have been disqualified from the job; they must go to Dev Antarrashtriya Yoga Kendra, gita Nagar, Kanpur and Meet to Dr Omprakash 'Anand ji' to get rid of this problem.
Vaibhav Srivastav S/O Sri Balveer Kumar Srivastav
Address : village + post - Shah, Dist- Fatehpur
Contact No. : 9889405728